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The Untitled Celebrity AU: AKA: OBHBWF

Part Eight:


From the Online Journal of Julie Harris:

New York is fucking cold. I hate it!

In other news…


End Excerpt

“OH MY GOD,” David yells, coming into the room. “Make them stop. Please.”

He goes over to where the Hobbits and Orlando have collected on the bed, and buries his head under the pillow. Dom picks it up and looks at him, about to ask, but at that moment, Karl opens the door, and Kit and Julie can clearly be heard singing somewhere nearby. Or maybe not nearby. They’re loud.

“I hate your girlfriend,” Karl tells Orlando, then slumps onto the couch. Miranda and Liv come in, covering their ears.

“Now you know why I left.” Orlando says. His tongue is sticking out of his mouth slightly as he rocks from side to side on the bed, attempting to beat Elijah at some unnamable videogame. They can hear Julie and Kit shouting along with “Light My Candle”.

“Julie must be Roger,” Billy observes. He turns to see a blue eye staring at him from beneath the pillows. He flashes a grin at David. The eye disappears.

“You do know that they got four tickets, don’t you?” Liv says. She looks positively evil when she says it. Orlando’s face falls and his car crashes into a wall. Elijah starts laughing, slaughtering him thoroughly in his distraction.

“Does that mean we have to go?” Karl asks.

“Yup,” Liv says. Miscellaneous Hobbits laugh at the groans that issue from Elf and Man.

“You know, before Kit got Julie hooked on this RENT garbage, I just feared that I’d have to listen to lots and lots of Moulin Rouge, and Chicago. But now, now.. ooh.” Karl says, and waves his fist less than menacingly at Orlando. Orlando sighs.

“Guess I better take a shower, huh?” Orlando says.

“Julie. JULIE. Oh my god. Roger. Oh. My. God.” Kit says. She’s quivering with excitement, and she’s squealing over a guy who isn’t even a celebrity. And SHE is. Julie starts giggling. Karl is looking at his watch. Orlando is looking like he wants to cry.

And then… they go in.

“Yes. Yes, yes, YES!” Dom is yelling. David picks up an empty soda can, and throws it in their general direction, but it falls wide and hits Elijah, who squeaks in protest. David feels vindicated that he has hit a Hobbit, and since they are a Hive Mind, this is good enough. Miranda makes a noise in her sleep where she is stretched out on top of him. Dom lets out a cry of rage when Liv makes the from-behind victory. She laughs at him.

Dom is passing his control to Andy, and Liv passing hers to Billy when they hear noise in the hall. Fast approaching noise. Singing.

Four voices.

There is a collective groan.

“They have been assimilated,” says Liv.

The door bursts open and hits the wall with a bang and a rise in cacophony of voice, and Miranda is startled off David, off the couch, and squashes an errant pop can on the floor. She sits up.

After a moment, the four new arrivals take deep breaths, and begin anew. Elijah and Liv join in. Collective sigh.

There are some who will be glad when they leave New York.
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