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"I've never....been in a threesome with Karl!" Billy claimed, and groans were heard from around the table. Julie, Miranda, Viggo and Dom all picked up their shot glasses and gulped the vodka down.

"Wait, do I have to drink too?" Karl asked.

"You were there, right?" Billy replied, and Karl grinned broadly and drank up as well. It was Orlando's birthday and most of the guests had gone home. Everyone from most of the LOTR cast, to Keira Knightly & Johnny Depp(Kit had somehow managed to not pass out when introduced) to an appearance by Nicole Kidman(Who Julie tried hard to not molest) all were there. So the remaining lot of them were playing their favorite drinking game, "I've never..." They all started off with ten shot glasses filled with vodka. They went around the table, each person saying something they've never done, and if someone had done it, they had to drink a shot. They did this till three people were outed. They mostly did it to measure up against one another and to get extremely drunk. At the moment, Viggo was winning(or losing, depending on one's view) with 5 shots down. Karl and Julie were close behind with 4 each. Orlando had 3, and Billy, Dom and Miranda each had 2.

"Orli, it's your turn!" Billy poked him. Orlando stopped staring at Kit and looked back at Billy. "Cheer up mate, it's your birthday!"

"Sorry...Just, it's my birthday and Peter Jackson has stolen my girlfriend from me." He mumbled. Everyone turned around and sure enough, Kit and Peter were chatting away at a nearby table. "The minute he got here, they started rambling about their movies..." He pouted.

"KIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" Julie shouted, causing the blonde to look up. "GET YER ASS OVER HERE, YOUR BOYFRIEND IS RUINING THE GAME!"

"I'll be over in a minute!" She called back, then resumed her contestation with Peter.

"Directors..." Orlando mumbled. "Uh..I've never...umm...Videotaped myself having sex?" Karl and Dom both drank up, big smiles on their faces as they did.

"Well, I've never been dominated before." Viggo flashed everyone his "manly" grin as everyone drank a shot. Just then Peter and Kit walked over. Peter waved goodbye, and wished Orlando a happy birthday, once more, gave Kit a big hug, promised to call her and walked away.

"Orliiiii, Kit's so cheating on you with Peter." Julie sang out, her shot glasses down to 5.

"Uh. I love the man, but I would NOT cheat on Orlando with him." Kit replied. "You need to stop drinking so much...Oh. You guys are playing, ‘I've never', right?"

"You should join love." Billy suggested as Orlando pulled Kit ontop his lap.

"I'd rather not get sloshed, thank you very much."

"I dunno, Karl's got 4 left, and Viggo and Jules only have 5 to go. I don't think you're more corrupted than those 3." Miranda pointed out, slinging an arm around Julie.

"Good point." Kit grinned.

"Ahem, I believe it was my turn." Karl spoke up, a devilish gleam in his eye. "This is going to be hard, I mean, what haven't I done?" Fries and miscellaneous food were thrown at him from all directions. He looked around the table, eying everyone as his left hand causally made it's way to Julie's thigh. "I've never gone without sex for a week, since I hit the age of 18." At first no one moved a muscle, then slowly everyone around the table drank up, which only caused Karl to laugh and let his hand slide under the material of Julie's skirt.

"Well I've never banged anyone in their movie costume." Julie claimed, causing, Karl, Miranda, Viggo, and Orlando to throw back a shot. After a couple more rounds, everyone(including Kit who gave in and joined) were throughly trashed and highly talkative. Everyone wanted to know what was behind each truth that was revealed. While details of how to remove leggings in a hurry and how to set up a video camera so you can get the perfect angle while having sex, Karl claimed his prize for being the most deviant of them all, and carried her to the bathroom stalls.
Karl had to make sure Julie would beat Viggo next time "I've never.." was played. He decided he'd have to work extra hard at this, and the bathroom stall at the club seemed like a good place to start. After about ten minutes of hands tearing at clothes, pulling them off so flesh was pressed into flesh. Mouths pressed together, tugged, bit one another. He was in and out of her, making her moan and scream with want, till they both got what they wanted. Julie was well on her way to becoming more deviant than Viggo.

"I think Orlando should have a birthday once a week." He whispered, then lightly nibbled on her neck.

"Mmm. You just want to show Viggo up."

"No. I just like fucking you." Julie giggled and the two re-engaged in tearing the other's clothes off. They had a lot more things to try and places to go, but they couldn't seem to make it past leaving the room, and neither of them really cared.
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