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part 6

She was laughing, as he continued to snap pictures of her. "Well...I have one shot left. I usually like to get in the photo w/the model on the last mind?"

"You're the photographer." Viggo smiled and fiddled with the camera, then stepped away from the tripod and slid his arm around her waist. She had no idea when the camera actually took the picture, her whole body had gone stiff at his touch, and her smile lit up five times brighter. It seemed like forever and at the same time, only a second, before his arm left her body and he was back at his tripod.

"So when do I get to see the pictures?" She questioned.

"You could come over tomorrow night. If your boyfriend doesn't mind how much time you're spending with me." He looked up from his equipment and smiled. Julie sighed and rolled her eyes, she had vented to him one day about Dom, then told him the next how they made up. Viggo had made jokes and cheered her up as she helped him arrange his artwork. She found herself growing more and more drawn to him, he never revealed much about his life, always keeping himself surrounded with an air of mystery.

"I don't think he'll mind."

"I'm sure he will."

"Oh well." Viggo just laughed and she followed him inside.

"You could come around 7? I could fix us some dinner. Your boyfriend could come along too."

"He has this paper to write with one of my roommates."

"What about you?" Julie put her hand on the doorknob.

"Sure." She walked out the door before she changed her mind.


"Hey, Kath, have you-" Dom asked as he walked into Julie/Kathy's room, only to see Kathy's lips locked with Hayden's. "Oh, sorry." She giggled as they broke their kiss, Hayden's arm possessively wrapped around her.

"Have I what?" She asked.

"Seen Jules."

"Nope. She just said she had to go out."

"Oh. Know when she's going to be back?"


"Oh...Um. We still going to work on the paper tomorrow?" Dom's eyes were settled on Hayden's as he asked.


"Ok, I'll see you then." His eyes flickered back to Kathy's before walking out.


(Next Day)


"Ms. Summers, may I have a word after class?" Mr. Depp requested, after they did a run-through of "All that Jazz".

"Uh sure." Kit replied, shrugging at Orlando once everyone went back to lining up for a number neither of them were in.

"He just wants you alone, you know." Orlando teasingly whispered to her.

"Yeah, so he can tell me what I'm doing wrong....I was horribly off-key or something, wasn't I?"

"Actually you started singing the wrong song."

Kit's face paled which sent Orlando into silent fit of laughter. "Cheer up love, I'm only kidding...Why'd you try out if you were going to get this nervous?"

"I bloody hate you."

"You are spending too much time with Billy." She started to open her mouth, when she caught a glare from Dr. Gere. She kept quiet and waited till class was dismissed to find out what she had to stay after for. Orlando wiggled his eyebrows at her as he walked off, leaving before she could respond in anyway. Sighing, she approached her professor.

"You wanted to see me?" He looked up, taking his glasses off, and sliding them into a case.

"I'd like to work on some of the songs with you during my office hours. You sing them just fine, it's just you're ignoring the acting aspect of the performance." Kit blushed, she had been working so hard on the actual singing, and worrying about dancing, she forgot about the third part.

"What time?"

"It's on your syllabus, but I have one tomorrow at 8pm. See you then?" Kit nodded, completely nervous about being alone with him for more than 5 minutes. "That's all. Enjoy the rest of your day." All she could do was manage a smile as she headed out the room. She briefly wondered if this was something he was offering to all the leads, or just her. It quickly passed from her mind, as she reassured herself it must be, her crush would have to stop convincing her otherwise.
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