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part 5 of college au

note: sorry ms. kathy, i couldn't think of what to do with you right this moment.

Chapter 5:

"I OWNED YOU! HA!" Kit shouted loudly at the tv screen. Julie shook her head as she started tying her shoes.

"I should NEVER of let you borrow that game." She muttered, then received a dirty look from Kit.

"Where are you off too?" She asked, hitting pause.

"Meeting someone." Julie had tried in vain to hide that she was a bit dressed up. Viggo was going to be taking photos of her today and she wanted to look her best.

"Dom?" Julie hesitated, then nodded and smiled.

"Yup." Kit cocked her eyebrow, Julie had hesitated too long, but Kit let it slide, this time.

"Rrrright. It's a good thing you two made up."


"Billy had to pay me ten bucks because he said it would take four days or more for you two to make up. I said 3 days or less. I won." She looked quite proud of herself and Julie just made a sound of disgust.

"Bye Kit." Julie walked out the apartment, the door closing behind her. She took the steps down to her car, where she got in and started to follow the directions Viggo had given her. Julie kept thinking about her relationship with Dom. They always seemed to make up, but with every fight, she felt their relationship slip even more. She didn't want to lose him, they had been together for 6 months, she wasn't sure she knew how to handle not being with him anymore. She found herself pulling up in front of a small house and parked. Double checking the directions, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"It's open!" Viggo yelled. Julie walked inside, her eyes falling upon all the artwork adoring the walls. It seemed like there was more artwork than actual furniture in his place.
"Hey," He said, walking out from his kitchen. He looked like he had been painting, bits of reds, blues, greens and all sorts of other colors were covering his ragged clothes. He even had a bit in his hair and his bare feet, she couldn't help but smile.


"Um, you got here a bit earlier than expected...that or I lost track of time, I was hoping to shower before you got here."

"Oh, that's ok."

"Give me 5 minutes? You can make yourself at home." He motioned to the couch.

"Ok..." She sat down and removed her coat as she heard his feet hit the floor as he jogged off to his bathroom. She grabbed a magazine to flip through, but the images of him in the shower would not leave her brain alone. Slightly cursing herself for thinking such things, she attempted to shift her focus on the magazine, but it was useless. After what seemed like forever, he emerged in a button up shirt and jeans. Tight, jeans. He was really trying to kill her. Standing up, she looked down at herself, then back at him. "I wasn't sure what to wear..."

"You look great." He replied, then motioned for her to follow him. "I have a studio set up...then I thought we could take some shots in the backyard, seeing as how nice it is outside." Her brain was having trouble hearing him, her eyes kept lingering on his ass. "Sound ok?" He asked, stopping inside a small room, with lights and some back drops.

"You're the photographer..." She answered, suddenly nervous. His lips curved up into a smile as he lightly placed his hand on her back and led her to a white background. She repeated Dom's name about 500 times a minute in her mind, in a vain attempt to ignore how his touch felt.

"Please, just relax?" He teased as he picked up his camera.

"I'll try." She replied, knowing that was not going to be easy.


"Billllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh answer the door!" Kit whined, she was in no mood to leave her game.

"Alright, but if it's Angelina Jolie looking to have hot sex with you, she is going to only be allowed to settle for me." He replied, getting up and opening the door. Kit laughed, then focused back on her game. Opening the door, Billy was not greeted with the sight of Angelina, to his extreme disappointment. "It's your boyfriend." He replied, leaving the door open.

"I don't have a boyfriend-" She started, when she turned her head. "Hey Orlando." He closed the door behind him and walked inside.

"Nice to see you too Billy."

"Yeah, yeah. I'll leave you two lovebirds alone." He walked back into his room and shut the door. Kit just rolled her eyes as she scooted over on the couch.

"It's his time of the month." She explained.

"You're really addicted to this game, aren't you?" Orlando teased, sitting next to her.

"Yeah. Pretty much. It's kinda-UGGGGGGGGGGGGH! I HATE YOU GAME!!!!!!!!!" Tossing her controller to the ground, she looked at Orlando, her face slightly flushed as he laughed at her. "Shutup. It killed me! Not cool."

"Maybe it means you should stop playing."

"Maybe it means you're bad luck."

"I dunno about that...I think I'm good luck."

"I died when you walked into the room."

"You also got a couple of lead solos for a certain performance, to which you auditioned for with me." Kit's eyes widen.

"You lie."

"Yes, but not in this matter."

"I could kiss you!!" She exclaimed, throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly.

"AS LONG AS IT'S NOT IN OUR ROOM, GO FOR IT!" Billy shouted from his room. Kit giggled as Orlando's arms slid around her.

"Thank you." She whispered, still clinging to him tightly.

"It was nothing..."
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