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part 3

"Julie, I have a lunch date with a future client. Mr. Mortensen should be stopping by sometime to plan out what he is bringing. If you could just keep an eye on him, that would be absolutely fab." Ms. Rush requested as she slipped her coat on. Julie blinked and secretly wondered how she was getting paid to stand around and "keep an eye" on someone as attractive as Viggo.

"Anything else, Ms. Rush?" She asked.

"No, just hold my calls...Richard from the advertising department should be bringing by some flyer ideas, just make sure they go into my mailbox, alright?" Julie nodded and sat down once her boss exited. She started to wonder what "hold my calls" really meant. Did it mean to just put the poor person on hold for hours? Or not to answer the phone? What did it-

Insert Brain Meltage.

"Hey Julie." Viggo said, stepping half inside her office. He was clothed in some rather tacky shirt and some jeans. A thought made it's way through her mind that he might be European, judging from how tight his pants were, but mostly she just thought about tightness. "Ms. Rush mentioned you'd be babysitting me today." He gave her a half cocked smile.

Somehow she managed to not die, and gave him a smile. "Yeah, I actually...Have no idea what I'm supposed to do, but we can pretend like I do."

After he let out a laugh, he motioned her to follow him. "I think you're just supposed to watch me walk around and make sure I don't break or steal anything..." She got up and followed him into the gallery. "Although I'm not sure why I would want to steal some of this..." He joked, which in turn made Julie laugh. She thought some of the work there was the most ridiculous stuff she's ever seen but didn't have anyone to really joke about it with. You can only say the joke in so many different ways to your friends, before they stop laughing.

"What kind of work do you do?" She questioned as they walked towards a small pile of canvases.

"Painting and photography...I brought a couple to figure out where I could put them. You can take a look if you want. I promise it isn't too out there." Julie smiled and started looking at bits of his work.

"These are beautiful..." She murmured. She didn't seem to notice how his gaze was fixed on her.

"I could take some of you.." She looked up. "You seem like you'd photograph well."

Blushing, she looked back down, "I dunno. I'm not a big fan of photos of myself..."

"I understand, it was just-"

"When would you like to meet?"


Dom looked at Kathy and gave her a half smile. "Looks like we'll be stuck spending time with one another." She smiled, Hayden didn't look very happy. Their English professor had just paired everyone off together for their first paper. No one was very happy at the thought, writing papers with other people was always so frustrating, but Kathy was beyond thrilled, and part of Dom was too.

"Like I don't see your mug enough. You're always spending the night with Julie. Or dropping her off, or just...there." She teased. Dom rolled his eyes, and slid his books into his bag.

"You can't complain about anything, you're never there when I spend the night, thus you don't always see me." He winked and stood up, along with Kathy and Hayden.

"Ugh. Like I wanna hear you two having sex? No thank you...I'm starting to think I should of roomed with Kit instead of her."

Dom grinned, "I'm a man of many talents, what can I say?" He lightly punched Hayden, who only gave him a small smile.

"Oh please. She's probably faking it." To this, Hayden grinned broadly.

"No she's not. Are you doubting my abilities?"

Kathy snorted, "What abilities?" Before Dom could respond, she took Hayden by the hand, "Walk me to my next class?" His whole face lit up and he nodded. "Later Dom." The two walked off and Dom was still attempting to think of a comeback.


"I'm thinking of trying out for a couple solos...We should SO do, ‘Would you Light My Candle' together." Kit whispered to Orlando.

"If you want we could practice tonight, since try-outs are in a couple days. They mentioned being able to try-out with someone else." He whispered back.

"Ok. My place around 7 th-"

"Ms. Summers, is there something you wish to tell the class?" Professor Depp questioned. Kit blushed, but more from the fact that he called her, Ms. Summers, then the class looking at her.

"Not really, but if they want to know that I lost a contact and can only sort of read what is on the overhead projector, then, they can." She blinked and gave him her most innocent smile.

"Then perhaps you can stay after class and receive the information from myself or Dr. Gere. That is in case you haven't lost your hearing as well, because I've been reading everything that is up here. I assume that since you responded to what Mr. Bloom said, that is not the case....May I continue?"

"Uh. Yeah." She hated being outwitted. She could tell Orlando was attempting to not laugh, and didn't look at him for the rest of the class.
Once class was dismissed, he spoke up, "You love it. You'll be alone with Professor Depp."

"I hate you, you know that?" He just gave her a cheeky grin as they headed for the door.

"I'll see you at 7." Watching him walk out the door, as well as the rest of the class, Dr. Gere included, Kit suddenly felt very nervous as she approached her extremely attractive professor.

"Next time you attempt to be cunning in my class, do try harder." Professor Depp said, while sliding a coat on.

"Is perfecting my lying skills an assignment?"

"I prefer the term ‘acting' to lying."

"So what's that say about you as head of the drama department?" She smirked. Her comment made him laugh as the two started to walk outside together.

"You've caught me..." He paused then glanced at her. "You will be trying out for solos, correct?"

"I was considering it. Not like I really stand a chance."

"There's a couple of songs you'd be better at than some of the other girls, considering you have an advantage."


"You're a low alto, most girls couldn't hit the notes you could when we heard everyone sing....I have to go. I'll see you on Monday." He gave her another smile and walked away. Along with it, he carried her hopes that he might be slightly interested in her. He treated her just like he should of, like a student.
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