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cause julie wanted it

"I am soooo in love," Kit claimed as she waltzed into Julie's hotel room. For some reason the "gang" had agreed to meet there before heading out to yet another party. Orlando grinned, and pulled her onto his lap, prepared to kiss her, when she pulled away. "Not with you. Angelina Jolie." She grinned.

"Are you turning into a lesbian?" Orlando asked, cocking an eyebrow at her.

"She's always been one Orli. That's why she's with you, you're too pretty to actually be male." Billy teased, then grabbed Julie around the waist and tugged her into his lap.

"Hey, stop molesting my woman." Karl said as he walked into the room. Billy took the opportunity to start kissing Julie's neck and grope her, which she jokingly egged him on. "HEY!" Karl grabbed Julie, and managed to free her from Billy's grip. He threw her over his shoulder and marched back into the bedroom, the door promptly slamming behind the two.

"HEY! WE HAVE A PARTY TO GO TO!" Miranda yelled at the closed door.

"Aww, Miranda, don't be jealous. I'm sure they'll let you join next time." Dom teased, being sure to smack her ass, before attempting to hide behind David in fear of her wrath.

"Why are you so in love with Angelina?" Kit looked up from the magazine she had flipped open.

"I got to meet her today. She's interested in the script. Talk about the hottness. But anyways, this is funny. This magazine is saying that Orli must of gotten a stylist, because his clothing has improved...Little do they know, it's because I donated all his tacky clothes." Grinning, Kit kissed Orlando, and removed the ugly scarf from around his neck.

"Uhh. Seriously, someone needs to get Karl and Julie." David spoke up, he took a couple steps towards the doors.

"I think you just wanna go in so you can join." Dom sang out, then stole a kiss from David and again, ran away, this time hiding behind the couch.

"Dom, you're such a whore." The room chorused, which only made him giggle with glee. David took the opportunity to knock on the closed doors, to only get the response of moans.

"We're going to leave without you two!" He threatened, and started to walk away from the door, when it cracked open. Julie's hair was a mess, the skin all around her mouth was completely red, and the straps on her dress were barely up.

"Do we have to go?" She asked, bursting into giggles seconds later, as she turned to bat Karl off.

"Yes. You can have sex with one another later." David replied, folding his arms across his chest. She leaned back and whispered something to Karl, causing her to giggle even more.

"If we go, will you join us later?" Her eyebrows wiggled as she made the suggestion. Her offer made David slightly blush, but he realized no one else was really paying attention. Kit was being chased by Orlando, who was trying to get his scarf back, Billy was trying to avoid Dom's advances, and Miranda was fixing her lipstick.

"Uh sure..." He replied, blushing, then quickly added, "Hurry up, we'll be late." Julie walked out of the door and straight up to Kit.

"Fix me up." Looking at Julie, she rolled her eyes and started fixing her hair.

"You need to learn self-control." Kit said, as she grabbed her purse and pulled out cover-up, trying to conceal the marks Karl had left along her skin.

"Mmm. No, I rather like not having any, thanks." A grin spread over her face, and Kit rolled her eyes once more.

"You're as bad as Dom."

"Hey! I'm not THAT bad!"

"Yeah you are, you lord of the rings whore."

"Hey! That's MY title, thank you very much." Dom claimed.

"Yeah, well, Julie is stealing it from you."

"Hm. Must. Molest. More. Cast members." Dom noted, then headed for the door. "Can we gooooo? I have work to do!" Everyone laughed, including Karl, who re-emerged from the bedroom, dressed and ready to go. Kit finished fixing Julie up and they headed out for another party, sure to full of Dom molestation, Julie and Karl groping, and Orlando sulking, over his girlfriend who always wants to chat to directors.
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