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This would be longer if I could concentrate. So all the cool stuff will happen in the next chapter. and Kathy, I promise you'll have a bigger part in that chapter.

Chapter 7:

"Did you dress up for me?" Dom asked, pressing his lips to Julie's lipsticked mouth. His hands slipped around her waist, resting on her low cut jeans.

"I'm not really dressed up." She replied, looking down at her outfit. She had borrowed a shirt from Kit, that fit her quite nicely. It only came with a warning, certain death if ruined. Along with the shirt were her jeans and some strappy shoes.

"I think you look hot." His hands started to descend to her ass, when Kathy walked into the living room.

"Hey. None of that grabby stuff. We need to start the paper." She said, placing her hands on her hips.

"We could write it later..." Dom replied, then started nibbling on Julie's neck.

"I have to go Dom. You have a paper to write..Later, ok?" Julie asked, kissing Dom's cheek and managing to escape from his embrace. His lips formed into a pout as he hung his head down.

"Oh get over it. There's a paper that needs writing." Kathy insisted, taking Dom's hand and pulling him into her room. Julie flashed her a "thank you" smile and headed out the door. Billy didn't let her leave without whistling at her, to which she just blew him a kiss and headed for her car.
The drive was short as always, but it wasn't till she was standing at his door that she actually felt the butterflies in her stomach.

"Julie, so glad you came." Viggo exclaimed as he opened the door. "You look beautiful." He added as she stepped inside.

"Uh. Thanks." She blushed. He lead her into his dining room which was step up with pasta on a plate and candles.

"I figured most people like pasta...unless you're a low carb freak..You're not one, are you?" Julie laughed and shook her head as she sat down in the chair he had pulled out. In all the time she'd been dating Dom, he never once put this much effort out for her. "Ok good. Save some room, I have tiramasu for dessert."

"Are you SERIOUS?!"

"Yeah...You like it?"

"I think I need to come over more often." She joked.

"I would have no problem with that."


"Date with lover boy?" Billy asked, looking up at Kit, who was fixing her make-up.


"Orlaaaaaaaaando." He sang out, grinning.

"Whatever. And no, I'm not going on a date."

"You're dressed like a common prostitute, of course you are."

"Am not."

"Can you actually sit without that skirt showing anything?" He was staring at her instead of his computer screen.

"Yes! It's not THAT short, you've seen me wear it before. You liked it last time. Told me I should wear it all the time."

"Well...Um. Shutup." Kit started laughing and kissed Billy on the cheek.

"Nice comeback there buddy. I'll see you later." He waved and she left, heading for Mr. Depp's office.


"Viggo these are...amazing. I usually hate pictures of myself." Julie informed him, looking through his prints.

"You were a great model." He smiled. "Would you mind if I used a couple in the show?"

"The show? Uh...I guess?"

"Good, cause I blew two of them up and framed them already. Those copies are your's by the way."

"Really? Wow, thank you." She blushed, standing up. "I should probably get going..."

"Well thank you for coming over...I'll see you tomorrow at work?" He asked, heading for the door.

"Yeah, definitely." She smiled as he opened the door for her. They both looked at each other for a moment, when Viggo leaned in and kissed her. Once she realized what was happening, she pulled away, stepping backwards.

"I'm sorry...Really. Julie I just-"

"It's ok...I just...have a boyfriend, you know?" He nodded and looked sincerely ashamed. "I'll see you tomorrow. Good Night." She took a deep breath and got inside her car, but all she could think about was how much she had wanted to kiss him back.
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