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The Untitled Celebrity AU:

Part Five:


Excerpted from an article in The Sun tabloid

Kate or Katie?

That’s the question that we must ask ourselves. Of course, we all know that “Lord of the Rings” star Orlando Bloom is seeing “Blue Crush” actress Kate Bosworth. But is he really? Earlier this week, at the premiere of his movie “Return of the King,” Bloom was spotted laughing and joking intimately with another Kate—Katie Summers, the acclaimed director of “Divine Nature.”

End Exerpt

Kit stares at the screen. In shock. In horror. She looks up from her computer, to the scene before her. Dave and Viggo had carried chairs in from the next room, and pulled the table away from the wall. Someone had ordered up liquor from room service, and more than a few of the people in the poker game were drunk.

Julie was loudly denouncing Orlando as a liar. Liv was laughing as though it was the funniest thing she’d ever heard, even though it wasn’t that funny at all, and it was good that she had such a lovely laugh, otherwise Kit would have been annoyed. Viggo, Karl, and Dave were actually playing. Billy was watching, folded out of the hand, Dom half drunk and half in his lap. Miranda was threatening Elijah and Andy mercilessly and trying to steal their drinks.

“Julie, come here a minute,” Kit says. Then she finds the urge to giggle uncontrollable as Julie tries to get out from between David and Karl, who have her trapped against the wall. In the end, she steps up on David’s chair, and walks over the table, then steps down onto another chair, putting her feet between Dom’s legs, and is promptly propositioned. Karl laughs at Dom. Julie makes her way to Kit.

“Look at this,” Kit says. Julie looks, the words dancing in front of her eyes. She reaches out and puts her hand on the screen.

“Make them stay still!” She shouts. Kit sighs. Julie pouts. “Read it to me?”

Kit reads the article, knowing she has the full attention of the room. When she finishes, there is uproarious laughter from the Rohan contingent (Karl, Miranda, and Julie). Gondor (David, Viggo, and Liv) thinks it is funny as well, but more in a, calm, collected, not quite as drunk way. The Hobbits mostly sum it up in one statement, when Billy says “He stars? I thought the movie was about Hobbits?” and gets hysterical Hobbit laughter as a result.

“I’m not dating Kate Bosworth,” Orlando says in his defense.

“Shiny,” Dom says, still lying half in Billy’s lap.

“Pretty,” Liv says, reaching out and petting Orlando’s hair.

“Rock,” finishes Viggo, grinning. Orlando pouts at them.

Julie giggles. Kit frowns.

“Well,” Kit says. She’s annoyed, and she needs to talk about this, but most everyone is too inebriated to care. “What am I supposed to do? I’d rather not get death threats, thanks.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Billy says. “It shouldn’t matter to them either.”

“But it does.” Kit says.

“Worry about it when people actually know it’s the truth,” Viggo says. “Two pair,” he says, showing his cards.”

Karl is quick to put down his beer. Julie hugs Kit, gives her a sloppy-wet kiss on the cheek, and then goes back to her place, stepping up between Dom’s legs, receiving another proposition, turning it down, and walking back across the table.

She loses her balance when she’s getting down, but David catches her and rights her with a kiss on the cheek, perching her between himself and Karl. Karl shows his cards.

“Full house,” he says. He grins at Dave.

“Royal flush,” David says unhappily. “Probably the only time in my life I’ll ever get one, and I’m not playing for money.”

Billy laughs at him. Orlando leaves the game and comes to sit beside Kit on the bed. “It’ll be okay,” he says. Kit nods her head, then rests it on his shoulder. He smiles, and turns to kiss her, lifting her head and pressing his lips to hers.

“Get a room!” Andy calls out.

“This is a room!” Orlando declares. Kit laughs. Orlando stretches out on the bed with her cuddled against him. She listens to the bickering from the drunks and the poker players, as it fades to background noise, her head resting on Orlando’s chest and the beat of his heart replacing all else.
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