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v. power

Kit has been the slayer for almost eight years, since she was eleven years old. She’s not the only one, unlike the tv show says. There are five, one boy and four girls in the entire world. She’s tough, and she knows how to kill vampires. But she doesn’t know what to do when she finds out that one of her best friends has been drained almost dry by a vampire.

Kit is angry, and she knows who did this, knows that it was the local master vampire Kathy, and knows that it was one of Kathy’s vampires that drained Julie. But even though Kit is so angry, she knows that Julie will be okay. Because Julie is immortal.

She’s not a vampire, but a faerie, a princess of the Unseelie Court. She can’t be killed, unless she is shot, with lead. But she’s lying there, pale, in the bed, and all Kit feels is anger.

So she goes, to other Unseelie fey following her, the ones that where there when Julie was attacked. Kiera’s pretty dress is stained with blood, and her boyfriend has blood smeared across his too-pale face. But they’re loaded, the fey, and ready to fight.

Keira is walking alongside Kit, carrying one of Julie’s spike heeled white pumps in her hand. The shoe is stained with blood and Keira grips it, her fingers curling around it, perfect manicured nails digging into her palm on the other side.

Kit kicks in the door of the crypt that houses Kathy and her vampires. She stands in the doorway like the heroine always does, while the dust is settling, and the shock is wearing off. Kit doesn’t want the surprise. She wants the fight.

They rush her, and she spies the gray haired one. Elder vampire. She knows that he is the one who drained Julie. She moves forward, but then he’s gone and Kathy is standing on top of a tomb.

Kit dives at her, but Keira is there, and slams the spike heel of the shoe into Kathy’s chest. The vampire screams, and stumbles back. The gray haired one grabs her, and carries her out. The other vampires run.

Keira sits down on top of the tomb and cries, and Kit with her.

vi. waking

Kit tries not to keep her eyes on the scarf that her friend wears around her neck. She’s trying so hard not to stare at the tails of gauzy white that trail over her friend’s blood red shirt. Kit’s new watcher, an American who has long lived overseas, watches the two girls with a sense of detachment. He’s the replacement for the one that Kit… well, not couldn’t save, but the one who hated her and her friends that Kit didn’t try really hard to save.

Kit thinks the new watcher is sexy, and, wow, he’s young, with his hark hair all… hanging in his eyes, and his cigarettes, and hello, going to drool. But at least now Kit isn’t staring at where she knew there were two fang marks on her friend’s neck.

Julie sighs, looking into her almost empty coffee cup. Kit sips at her soda. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Kit asks.

“I’m fine,” Julie says. Kit flicks her eyes to the boy—well, Kit changes her mind and decides he’s a man, really—sitting beside Julie. He’s watching Julie as well, even though they all know that the faerie isn’t fragile by any means. “Would you all just… pretend that it didn’t happen?”

“No,” says Watcher Johnny, who is frowning. “You are, after all, a civilian, and the Master is not dead, and –“

“You know what? I’m not a damned civilian,” Julie snaps. “I’m fey, and I’m an Unseelie princess. So why don’t you all just back off.”

She stands and walks away, and Kit looks at Julie’s boyfriend, helpless. He shrugs, and follows. Kit sighs, and glares at Johnny. He’s handsome, but apparently…

“I didn’t mean…” he says weakly, hands out palms up.

Kit just shakes her head. “I don’t know if we’re freaked out and overreacting, or if she is. Either way…”


They sit in silence.
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